My name is Duane Morris and I provide seminars and multi-week courses for churches on the subject of Defending the Christian Faith, or Christian Apologetics, in the Seattle area. The initial purpose of this Blog is to offer some thoughts about topics which may often be overlooked within the Christian Faith, as well as topics which are pertinent to the defense of Christianity. In doing so, I hope to engage in interesting discussion and also refine my thoughts. I intend to see some of the posts develop into articles - which is why I want refining. I want to represent Christian ideas thoughtfully and as clearly as possible. This is one advantage of a Blog, because in this venue, my initial presentation of an idea can be "vetted" by you. The most difficult aspects of writing are anticipating what reactions readers might have that were not intended and recognizing what needs more clarification. This is where you can help. I need you to:

1) Ask good questions
2) Identify what needs clarified
3) Identify what seems most significant
4) Point it out if I don't make sense

You may also have insight into an additional aspect of the subject which has yet to be touched on, so I would love for you to add your thoughts there. Of course, if you think I've gone crazy, please let me know without yelling at me with all CAPS... You may feel the need to challenge my reasoning, but I hope our discussions can be productive and respectful. If you disagree, explain why or identify the point of disagreement - because you might be right. May we have a spirit of seeking truth in order that we might accurately understand God and the Christian Faith.

I look forward to mutually beneficial discussion.

Thanks for taking the time

If you wish to contact Duane, you can do so at:
P.O. Box 95511
Seattle, WA  98145